Garry K. Kim, M.D.   Concierge Medicine Program
The Next Generation in Physician Care
Medical care has really changed over the past several decades.  This change has largely been as
a result of the insurance companies.  As a result physicians are rushed in seeing their patients.  
Furthermore, they are burdened by paperwork.  Patients endure longer wait times.  The end result
is that the quality of medical becomes compromised.  

Why concierge medicine?  Our concierge service embodies the principals that physicians used to
practice under decades ago.  These include:

  • Unhurried office visits

  • Same day appointments

  • Exceptional, friendly office staff

  • Access to Dr. Kim by cell phone and pager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  (Dr. Kim will
    also be available while on vacation for emergencies.  After all no one understands your
    health better than your primary care physician).

  • Email for appointments, medication refills, general medical questions.

  • Home visits

  • Two hour preventative health, annual physical with complete dietary evaluation and heart
    disease and cancer risk assessment (also known as an executive health physical)

  • Email updates regarding current health issues

Service and compassion should go hand in hand.  Becoming a concierge physician or concierge
doctor meant that our practice could return to those principals once more.  
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Tel:  626-795-0415